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For nearly 60 years, West Grange Pharmacy has served the city of Trenton, Michigan with a full range of modern amenities and a dedication to old-fashioned customer service. While it might be a shorter distance to go to a chain drugstore closer to home, customers are more than willing to drive a few extra minutes to West Grange Pharmacy to talk to their trusted family pharmacist.


In keeping with its mission to provide modern services and efficient customer support, West Grange needed to renovate their web presence. The site needed to be easy to read and to navigate, especially given that their customers include both tech-savvy individuals and active seniors for whom vision may be an issue and clarity is a must.


While planning the new site, we found the existing West Grange logo would benefit from a bit of a facelift — something fitting for the updated style of the revised site. With a nod to the brand’s history, we embedded the script initials of West Grange in a mortar and pestle, the traditional tool of the pharmacist’s trade.
A bright green adds energy and a sans serif face adds clarity and legibility.


The updated site features a mix of original photography by RBD’s in-house image experts and selected high-quality stock images. Whether original or royalty-free, the photos focus on the well-stocked, caring, friendly and unique experience of doing business at West Grange.


The revised website is a bright and inviting experience, reflective of the personality of West Grange itself. Large images provide warmth and color, and clearly divided information make the pages easy to read.

Built in WordPress, the site allows the client to make any editorial updates on their own, thanks to training provided by RBD. In addition, we continue to update the website with links to monthly circulars, create homepage sliders featuring special or seasonal offers, and provide overall site maintenance. Our in-house project management system helps us keep the updates on time and on budget.

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