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Dorothy Miller Twinney


Dorothy spent the first part of her 25-year marketing career working within large brands to propel their key messaging forward. She spent time at Kelly Services, Siemens and Y&R before finding her calling in a smaller, more client-focused marketing and design studio. As Founder and President of Plymouth-based RBD Creative, Dorothy is able to live her professional passion which is helping companies define their marketing goals, develop strategic messaging, determine how best to package that messaging (be it digital or print) and then lead her creative design team in executing marketing deliverables that show strong and tangible results.

When not leading the team at RBD Creative, Dorothy is mom to two very cool teenage guys including one who is studying at University of Michigan and one who plays lacrosse on the Plymouth High School Varsity team. When she takes a break, you will likely find her in comfy yoga pants throwing multiple balls for their German Shepherd and Coonhound sipping a glass of Meritage. Or perhaps hanging out with her dad and boys over a leisurely meal at a local Plymouth restaurant.

Rebecca Haase



When it comes to managing our day-to-day financials, there is no one more talented than Rebecca. Rebecca’s instincts and business savvy make her the ideal person to ensure the financial footing of our company. When she is not taking care of our receivables, payables, HR responsibilities, and all our financial planning, Rebecca is home with her three favorite boys and very special new baby girl. Somehow Rebecca manages to not only be the best CFO we could ask for, she also homeschools her children. She’s a powerhouse!

Brian Townsend

Creative Director

Brian Townsend - RBD Creative

For Brian, “All the world’s a stage.” Brian leads creative design at RBD, revealing fresh images based on client ideas. “I feel like I’m taking a client’s script and morphing it into a finished product that delivers a strong performance.” That makes sense to us because Brian is also a well-known area actor and director based at the Players Guild of Dearborn. His work on and off stage has earned him accolades from the performing arts community, as well as from the community at-large. We don’t want to embarrass him, but to us Brian has always been a star.

Mike Ouellette

Digital Manager/Photographer

Mike Ouellette - RBD Creative

Mike is RBD’s resident web wizard and our favorite musician. His bag of tricks includes designing user-focused websites (specializing in custom WordPress sites), email campaigns, technical assistance/training on new or existing websites and photography. Mike helps our clients reach their goals through websites that bring more attention to their brands or projects. His approach to design empowers our clients to confidently make decisions and develop strategies. Mike’s love for music is reflected in his performances as a guitarist and vocalist in the Japanese rock band October Babies. For fun, Mike writes and records with his band and hones his photography skills. Like many dedicated musicians he loves going out on the town to support Metro Detroit’s great local music scene.

Kristine Wise

Senior Designer

Kristine Wise - RBD Creative

Kristine’s calm demeanor masks her ability to challenge her design skills. Kristine worked in print for nearly three decades, before she parlayed her skills into web design. Then she added creative writing to her toolbox. What’s next, we asked? How about woodworking? While she was taking classes for web design she discovered woodworking classes. That was a leap that required an ability to develop a polished product out of rough ideas. Kristine demurs, “The woodworking is more of a bucket list thing and apparently I’ve got the knack.” She admits there was some bravery involved too. “Those power tools are stronger than me and before taking the classes I hadn’t used anything bigger than a drill.”

Erin Harvey

Senior Account Manager

Erin Harvey - RBD Creative

Committed to the creative process, Erin’s passion runs deep. Her artistic and professional paths have demonstrated her unique creative style and dynamic collaborative abilities. Erin’s resourcefulness comes naturally which lends to her talent in helping our clients navigate the idiosyncrasies of directing their marketing vision into a tangible reality. She is a rockstar in organization and project management skills, and her wittiness adds the appropriate comic relief to any project.

Captain & Smitty

Official Office Pups

Captain and Smitty

When not snoozing, snoring, eating snacks, begging for snacks, or just plain looking adorable, Erin’s pair of lovable Cavalier King Charles Spaniels offer their chill personalities and funny antics to our comfortable (and dog-friendly) office environment. They’ve also been known to occasionally pinch-hit on a project or conference call.

“One review will never fully express my gratitude. Talent is a given at RBD and they'll produce marketing materials you'll be proud of. The heart of the company, however, runs much deeper than the product they produce.

I began forming my 501c3 a little over a year ago. It began with two outraged foster moms looking to help a broken foster care system and became a grass roots lobbying group. The task was overwhelming — both in collecting stories and in forming a nonprofit. Thanks to the caring staff at RBD my team could focus on this task. Dorothy and Brian listened to my story as a foster mom and to the concerns of those that share this story. When I cried, they cried and poured me tea. I felt like they were part of my team rather than some outside marketing consultants.

The final product was flawless. RBD took a complex idea and turned it into a presentable thought. Thanks to RBD’s work our movement has picked up speed. We got the attention required to be successful. Thank you RBD!”

Jennifer Flynn  |  Feel the Beat

May 16, 2017

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RBD Creative is a great design and marketing agency located in Plymouth, Michigan and serving Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Southeast Michigan. We specialize in print and web design, tradeshow and event planning, and social media management.

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