An Icon-versation with Ann Delisi of WDET Radio

Icon-versations is an ongoing interview series conducted by RBD Creative’s president, Dorothy Miller Twinney, featuring some of Greater Detroit’s biggest, brightest, and most-influential stars. Today’s Icon-versation is with Ann Delisi, host of Ann Delisi Essential Music on WDET Radio and an influential part of Detroit media for more than 20 years

Ann Delisi and Dorothy Miller TwinneyWe had the most wonderful visitor to RBD Creative’s office in Plymouth last week. Ann Delisi of WDET Radio stopped by to chat with Mo and me about social media and all things wonderful about Detroit. I first met Ann when we helped Emery King with a fresh new website for his video production company. She was integral in helping us convey just the right message. It remains one of my all-time favorite sites we have ever built. So when Ann came to visit, I knew it was going to be a great meeting. Here’s how it went…

We started off by addressing some of her concerns about social media. Here’s the thing. These are the SAME concerns we hear from so many savvy, successful business professionals. Let’s face it; most of you are running at least one business. You don’t have time to figure out social media. It changes every day. We discussed the social media platforms she should be using, posting dos and don’ts and introduced to her the very wonderful tool known as HootSuite. Do you use HootSuite? If not, you should think about it. It makes posting to multiple social media platforms much easier and something you can do once a month or so for the entire month. Yeah, it’s a time saver. It’s also free for up to three social media platforms.

But here’s where the conversation turned into an icon-versation …

You see, Ann has lived in Detroit since 1999. Not in Midtown or Rivertown, but in a regular Detroit neighborhood, complete with challenges and urban beauty. She has a beautiful double lot that is planted chock full of lilies, flowers and vegetables. In fact, she and her husband even built a hoop house which would allow them to grow food over the winter months. They haven’t yet tried winter gardening but while she did not mean to do so, she grew a forgotten crop of lettuce all winter and discovered it this spring. “It was a little bitter,” she told us. But it grew…all winter. I found this to be a wonderful analogy to Detroit’s growth these days.

Now that you know that, it won’t surprise you that Ann is the Marketing Chair for the Greening of Detroit organization. These are the awesome people who have planted 89,000 trees since 1989 all over Detroit. They have also supported the starts of 1,617 gardens since 2003. But it gets better: they have trained 675 adults in green careers since 2010. Ann is passionate about this organization and her passion is contagious.

That led us to chat about the amazing tiny house initiative Cass Community Foundation has undertaken this year. Do you know about this? Cass Community is building 25 tiny houses for low-income people. 25! On multiple vacant lots south of Highland Park. We love this and we love Ann’s enthusiasm for Detroit. It’s honest; she lives in the middle of it and it is pure passion she has for it.

But the best part of the afternoon? Absolutely her amazing hugs and then this little tangent: yes, those are cats grocery shopping in Germany. What’s not to love about that? And what’s not to love about the amazing Ann Delisi? Check out her show on WDET Saturdays and Sundays from 11-2 . You’ll have a skip in your step all weekend!

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