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Genesis Genetics is the pioneer of preimplantation genetic testing of embryos for inherited genetic abnormalities. Founded by world-renowned scientists largely responsible for discovering and implementing the first successful cases of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), they have spent more than 25 years on their goal of helping build healthy families all over the globe.


From early in its existence, Genesis was ahead of the curve in terms of research and technology. Its logo easily reflected the genetic nature of their business. But what the logo leveraged in science, it lacked in connection with a broader audience. The implication of the people within the process was not as direct as it could be. In other words, those three little teal dots needed some definition.


As it became necessary to focus on both the clinic and patient sides of the genetic testing process, we evolved the dots into a family of people. In addition, the name presented in the logo needed to speak to a broader audience. Dropping the stuffy “institute” in favor of a comfortable mirroring of “genesis” helped, and was more in line with how the staff referred to themselves to boot.


Recently, we took a good look at Genesis in comparison to other genetics-based companies. While the company’s direction was still forward, serving as leaders in the field, the logo felt stuck, heavy and outdated. Elongated type was no longer the fashion. The gradient built into the strip of DNA became an issue with new designs, often forcing the logo to only exist on fields of white. It was time to think differently.


We began a wide exploration of the company, including interviews with staff, patients and clinicians. We developed mission and vision statements, as well as a wide range of new logo options. From streamlining the current logo to discovering new iconography, we presented concepts that exposed Genesis to new colors, new typefaces and new ways of thinking
about themselves.


The final result is a modernized version of the original, using a clean sans serif typeface and a comfortably redrawn icon nesting a family in the study of DNA. In addition, we developed a style guide to support all design needs and create a unified voice in their materials.

With their new logo in place, we were able to design new brochures, patient and clinic folders, trade show displays and materials and website, connecting their rejuvenated identity with their advancing position in the world of genetic testing.

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