Digital Programmatic Advertising

Imagine reaching your desired audience on the apps and websites they visit most with no extra work from you.

Yes, you can advertise on Facebook or any of these sites on your own, but our package offers much more than just one platform for the same price you would pay for the one platform.

We also include 30 days of re-targeting advertising at no additional cost. This means any click-throughs to your website will continue to receive your ads as they browse other sites.

Ad Spend Conversion Chart

Impressions Display Video
20,000 $340 $500
30,000 $510 $750
40,000 $680 $1,000
50,000 $850 $1,500
60,000 $1,020 $1,500
70,000 $1,190 $1,750
80,000 $1,360 $2,000
90,000 $1,530 $2,250
100,000 $1,700 $2,500
250,000 $4,250 $6,250
500,000 $8,500 $12,500
750,000 $12,750 $18,750
1,000,000 $17,000 $25,000

Campaign Details

  • RBD Creative pricing for clients is a CPM of $17 ($17/1000 impressions) for digital ads and a $25 CPM ($25/1000 impressions) for video ads. This is significantly less than other programs that charge $20 and $30 respectively
  • Campaigns must be paid prior to ad run
  • Clients agree to 3 month campaigns (exception: special event promotions like Ice Festival)
  • A minimum of 40,000 impressions is highly recommended (20,000 impressions is the absolute minimum per month per campaign)
  • Ad segments must run a minimum of 5 days before being switched out
  • RBD will optimize and run all ads for the agreed upon period-of-time
  • RBD will provide twice-monthly analytics on the 1st and 15th of the month
  • If an ad is not performing well, RBD will consult the client to discuss options; RBD commits to delivering effective digital advertising to its clients
  • RBD will design the first ad at no additional charge. Subsequent ad designs will be charged $40 each

Our Relationship with Our Clients

The Client owns all creative and takes full responsibility for approving ads prior to submission to RBD Creative.

Campaign Dates

To keep things manageable, ad commencement dates are the 1st and the 15th of the month, and campaign end dates are the last day of the month and the 14th of the month, respectively.  Exceptions can be made for special client needs that may arise.


Who We Are

RBD Creative is a great design and marketing agency located in Plymouth, Michigan and serving Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Southeast Michigan. We specialize in print and web design, tradeshow and event planning, and social media management.