Creative Trend: Coloring For Adults

The New York Times included it in its Monday Briefing this week. Upworthy’s Evan Porter wrote about it three weeks ago. And finally, The Huffington Post was writing about the trend as early as last October, which was when I originally felt both validated and inexplicably joyful as I’ve been secretly doing it for years.

What is the shameful secret I’ve been hiding but am now bringing out into the light? Coloring. Yes, coloring. The kind you do in books with Crayolas, whether they be crayons, markers, or colored pencils. You can of course use other brands of coloring instruments, but Crayola is (probably) the most recognized brand of coloring tools.

I find myself coloring when I’m particularly stressed. As someone who can barely draw a decent stick figure, coloring books allow me to be creative without the frustration of having zero talent for drawing. Apparently, I’m not alone in this practice; each article I’ve linked to above has mentioned how coloring helps combat stress. Elena Santos, the author of The Huff Post piece, takes the health benefits of coloring one step further when she states, “The practice generates wellness, quietness and also stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses and creativity.”

There are dozens of sites that will allow you to print your own coloring pages, but there are just as many coloring books available through both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. So go ahead, grab a new box of crayons this weekend while you’re doing your back to school shopping, and spend an hour or two embracing your creative side while you work on your stress levels.

Happy Coloring! – Mo

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