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Font-astic Friday

Today’s font choice comes from Mike Ouellette, RBD Creative’s Digital Manager and one of our talented photographers.


Working in the world of web, typefaces need to be able to be rendered by a browser so they’re scalable and readable by search engines. To that end, the Web Open Font Format (WOFF) was developed as a set of standards and to provide designers a range of fonts. Mike likes to use Google’s Oxygen — it’s clean, readable, flexible for headlines and body copy, and has just enough “character” to be fun without looking gimmicky. In fact, you’ll find this type in use on the RBD Creative website!

Oxygen can be found at



Font-astic Friday

Those curves. Those lines. Those spines. Those obliques. No, we’re not talking about the latest models on the runway. We’re talking about type. We asked our design team to list some of their favorite typefaces — their “go-to” typefaces that inspire them while they create great things.

Today’s font choice comes from Liza Kue, one of our designers who doubles as a photographer!

Liza enjoys the cleanliness and sophistication of Frutiger. For her, it has a sharpness (“those little points,” she likes to say) but never loses its readability. It’s easy to see where she’s coming from — after all, Frutiger is one of the fonts behind RBD Creative’s identity.

Frutiger can be found at



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